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You will also need to add reference to System. Once you have added the required references, copy the following code inside the PostCreateContact class. The service provider contains references to many useful objects that you are going to use within plugin. This Entity class object refers to the Contact entity record on which our plugin would be registered.

The regardingobjectid indicates for which contact record this activity record is being created. You can see that the code gets the id of the parent Contact record using context. OutputParameters and associates it with the Task entity record which you have created. It creates the follow-up activity which gets saved in CRM. This section is applicable only if you are registering your plugin assembly for the first time.

You need to sign in the assembly with a key to be able to deploy the plugin. Rightclick the solution and click Properties. Then, select New from Choose a strong name key file option.

Enter the Key file name as sampleplugins This can be any other name you want. Uncheck the Protect my key file with a password option and click OK.

Click Save. Finally, build the solution. Building the solution will generate assembly DLL, which we will use in the next chapter to register this plugin. More often than not, your plugin logic will need to handle run-time exceptions. For synchronous plugins, you can return an InvalidPluginExecutionException exception, which will show an error dialog box to the user. The error dialog will contain the custom error message that you pass to the Message object of the exception object. If you look at our code, we are throwing the InvalidPluginExecutionException exception in our catch block.

Plugins are definitely crucial to any custom CRM implementation. In this chapter, we focused on understanding the event framework model, pipeline stages, messages, and writing a sample plugin. In the next chapter, we will register this plugin in CRM and see it working from end-to-end scenario. In the last chapter, we created a sample plugin to create a follow-up Task activity when a Contact record is created. Click the Create New Connection button.

Enter your credentials and click Login. This will populate the SamplePlugins assembly and all its plugin classes. You can see the PostCreateContact plugin class highlighted below. If your plugin assembly had 3 plugin classes, it would have shown three plugins listed there.

It will show you a success message, if the registration is successful. Now we will go to CRM and test if our plugin is working correctly. Note that these test steps are specific to our example plugin. Go to Contacts tab and create a new record. Once you save the record, you can see a new activity created and associated with this record. This confirms that our plugin ran successfully. Similarly, you can extend your plugins to achieve highly complex functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides two important web services that are used to access CRM from an external application and invoke web methods to perform common business data operations such as create, delete, update, and find in CRM.

You have an external. For example, you may want to insert a Contact record in CRM when a new customer is registered in your external application. Or maybe, you want to search records in CRM and display the search results in your external application. In such scenarios, you can use the web services exposed by CRM to consume them in your application and perform create, delete, update, and find operations in CRM.

This web service returns a list of organizations that the specified user belongs to and the URL endpoint for each of the organization. This web service is the primary web service used for accessing data and metadata in CRM. The IOrganizationService uses two important assemblies — Microsoft. This assembly defines the core xRM methods and types, including proxy classes to make the connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM simpler, authentication methods, and the service contracts.

This assembly defines the requests and responses for non-core messages as well as enumerations required for working with the organization data. Following are the namespaces supported by these two assemblies.

Each of these assemblies support certain messages, which will be used to work with the data stored in any entity. The IOrganizationService provides eight methods that allows you to perform all the common operations on the system and custom entities as well as organization metadata.

Used for common record processing as well as specialized processing such as case resolution, duplicate detection, etc. In this example, we will create a new Account record, update it, and then finally delete it using the CRM IOrganizationService web service. Now open the QuickStartCS. Open app.

By default, the connectionStrings section in this file will be commented. The code first creates an organization instance, then creates an Account record, updates the created record and then finally deletes it. Let us look at the important components of this code.

To see on-the-go changes in CRM when this code runs, you can debug this code step-by-step as we discuss below and simultaneously see the changes in CRM. Step 4. If you now refresh the same record in CRM, you will see that the record is no more available since it is already deleted. In this chapter, we dealt with two important web services provided by CRM and a working example of how these web services can be used from an external application to perform various CRUD operations.

Solutions provide a framework for packaging, installing, and uninstalling components to match your business functionalities. Solutions allow the customizers and developers to author, package, and maintain units of software that extend CRM. Any customizations, extensions, or configurations performed in CRM are packaged, managed, and distributed using solutions. The solutions can be exported as a zip file from the source organization, which can then be imported in the target organization.

You, as a developer or customizer, have extended or customized CRM in the development environment. Now you want to package your changes and move it to the next environment. For this, you can create individual solutions and publish them in higher environments. Now, you want to sell this module to other clients. Using solutions, you can package this module and distribute them to other clients who will be able to install this solution and use the functionalities provided by your module.

The system solution contains the out-of-the-box solution components defined within Microsoft Dynamics CRM without any customizations. Many of the components in the system solution are customizable and can be used in managed solutions or unmanaged customizations. Throughout this tutorial, we did not create any solution and were customizing the default system solution. This option directly customizes the default solution. A managed solution is a solution that is completed and intended to be distributed and installed.

Managed solutions can be installed on the top of the system solution or other managed solutions. However, using the concept of managed properties you can define whether a solution component will be customizable and if yes, then which specific parts of the component will be customizable once the solution gets exported as a managed solution. An unmanaged solution is a solution that is still under development and not intended to be distributed.

An unmanaged solution contains all the unmanaged customizations of CRM components including any added, modified, removed, or deleted components. By default, any new solution is an unmanaged solution. However, you can export an unmanaged solution as a managed or unmanaged solution.

If you export an unmanaged solution from one organization and import it to another, you can edit the solution in the new organization. An unmanaged solution directly references the system solution.

Hence, the changes made to one unmanaged solution will be applied to all the unmanaged solutions that references the same components, including the system solution. If you delete a solution component from an unmanaged solution, the component gets deleted permanently from the system and will no longer be available. In case you just want to remove the component from specific unmanaged solution, use remove instead of delete.

Uninstalling an unmanaged solution does not remove the associated customizations. It just deletes the solution from the system, but the changes you made will still be there. A solution can be used to package the following components which can be customized using default, unmanaged, or managed solutions. However, you can change this.

Solution publisher provides a common customization prefix and option value prefix. Defining a solution publisher controls how your managed solutions can be updated once distributed. However, for this example and for most of the general cases, you can set this as Default Publisher. For example: 1. By default, every solution is added as an unmanaged solution.

Once a solution is added, you can add solution components by creating them in the context of this solution or by adding the existing components from other solutions. For example, you can create new entities, forms, etc. Once you have all the changes in place that you want to package as a managed or unmanaged solution, you can export your solution as follows. Select the solution that you want to export and click the Export button.

For now, you can avoid selecting any option and click Next. For this example, let us export it as unmanaged. Once done, click Next. Click Export. Save this zip file at a desired location on your system. Now, we will import the solution zip file that we exported in the previous section to a new target organization. Click Import. Clicking Import will start the solution import process. If the process succeeds, click Publish All Customizations.

In case the solution importing fails, it will give you a detailed error log on which step of the import process failed. The solution will be successfully imported to the target organization.

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