2021 Polaris Ranger Crew Xp 1000 Street Legal Kit

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XTC 2019 New Style Ranger XP 1000 Plug & Play™ Turn Signal System with Horn TSS-POL-GBU From Medium-Sized Polaris Ranger 570 Road Tires to Medium-Sized Polar Ranger 800 Road Windshields, all Polaris Rangers are here with the best road-homologated parts, legal road accessories and road-approved kits for the mid-size Polaris Ranger. Whether you`re looking for a Polaris Ranger mid-size turn signal and horn kit, Polaris Ranger mid-size mirrors or a Polaris Ranger medium-sized license plate holder, we have everything you need to make your platform overboard and fully compliant! At Everything Polaris Ranger, we want all owners of mid-size Polaris Rangers to enjoy the comfort, freedom and pleasure of being side by side with the legal requirements of the road. That`s why we make it easy for ourselves to make the mid-size Polaris Ranger as easy as possible by providing UTV road approval kits for the aftermarket, such as ATV TEK`s mid-size Polaris Ranger UTV/ATV Street legal kit. This kit includes everything you need to make your mid-size Polaris Ranger legal on the road, including LED flashing lights, LED indicators, toggle switches, horn, horn button, license plate holder with LED light, connectors, cables and brackets. I have a 2021 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar Ultimate Edition and I highly recommend this kit! First of all, the kit has solid quality components and is very well assembled. Secondly, I love plug and play and would definitely buy it again! 100%, no doubt it would buy again. I would like to touch on a few questions that I have encountered. I wouldn`t call them negative, just things to keep in mind. I am very concerned about how accessories like this are made and installed. I`d usually do it better to do it myself, as I usually review what I just paid someone else to do it. This is especially true for electrical components.

I`m also not one to drill holes in things just to make something work. That said, I`ve extended the wiring harness that leads to the taillights by an additional four feet due to the route I`ve chosen to guide my sons. You may not have this problem, but the only road I felt comfortable with, guiding the wires from back to front took longer. Everything connects to the turn signal mounted on the steering column, and these connections are all made “under the dashboard” because these wires are quite short, which they should be. Therefore, you may need to extend the rear harness due to the routing you choose. As others have avoided in their reviews, you may also have extra wiring on the front that you need to deal with. I didn`t have much because of my laying of the wires, but there were some. The other thing I would warn you about is to make the stand for the flashing component so that it mounts on the tilting steering bolt under the steering wheel of the Polaris Ranger XP 1000s.

I love the idea, it looks great! But you need to be careful when drilling the holes in the pliers, especially the long piece, because the drill can grab it and turn it in your hand, which could cut you off. I knew it was going to happen and I tried to stop it, but he still grabbed it and twisted it. So be warned that this could happen to you too. The only negative I could give would be the horn. It`s noisy! I like it, but it seems cheap to me and time will tell if it takes as I hope. In the end, it took me a lot longer to set up than most people said. I`m writing this to be myself, take my time, take out the wiring harness and put the daylight where I prefer to place it. I agree with this because I know it happens because of my nature to make things perfect. Considering all the factors, I would absolutely recommend this kit.

However, be sure to read ALL the instructions as different bags have different components and until you look at and read them all, you may not have a complete picture. Some of them can be a bit vague as they are made for many models, but I didn`t find them bad. You probably don`t need to lengthen a wiring harness like I did, and you can probably install it in a much shorter time than I can. I can`t say enough good things about this kit! It looks professional and I had no issues with usability or functionality! Fantastic kit! Given the quality of the medium-sized Polaris Ranger, it would be a shame to limit it to dirt roads. You`ve probably initially been drawn to the off-road capabilities of the mid-size Polaris Ranger, but it offers so much more than that. The mid-size Polaris Ranger offers a much more convenient and enjoyable alternative to your car or truck when it comes to shopping, driving around town for dinner, or walking down the street to visit your friend. Of course, it all depends on how well you adapt your medium-sized Polaris Ranger to the requirements of road homologation. Road legal requirements for side-by-side vehicles and UTVs like the mid-size Polaris Ranger vary by country, state, county, and even city, but there are some spare road accessories you can rely on when you need them for your mid-size Polaris Ranger.

Luckily for you, all these universal road parts and accessories for the mid-size Polaris Ranger are available right here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Don`t limit your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size to the limits of off-roading. With a road approval kit on your medium-sized ranger, you`re one step closer to driving legal recreational walks on public black roofs. Depending on the jurisdiction you are subject to, the requirements to legalize your UTV for roads and public roads may vary, but there are important Polaris Ranger medium-sized road approval accessories that most states and nations deem necessary for a license. Side-by-side mirrors approved for the street are one of them. Some communities are less strict with their mirror requirements and only require side mirrors. However, others require a Polaris Ranger to have medium-sized mirrors and side mirrors to be homologated on the street. Similarly, turn signals and turn signals may or may not be mandatory according to your local code. In some places, drivers can display their curves with hand signals. However, for places that don`t, turn signal kits are a must for medium-sized accessories if you want a legal machine for the road.

Horn kits are often built into turn signal kits, so if a horn is mandatory in your place of residence, a dual horn turn signal kit would definitely make your life easier. Ryco Street legal kits have a turn signal with built-in horn button and emergency indicator. The Ryco kit is connected to the measuring pod in most UTVs to indicate when the turn signal is activated. On the Polaris digital dashboard, a green light flashes on either side of the dashboard to indicate when the left or right signal is pressed. The analog dashboard has a green () LED in the center that flashes (see upgrade note below for older kits). For each left and right turn signal at the front, three LED lights with a signal state mounted on the steering column are used, which also includes the horn button. Factory taillights are used for left and right turn signals. Illuminated license plate holders with night lights are integrated into the system to meet government regulations for road vehicles. The wiring harness and detailed instructions are included with each kit.

Satisfaction guaranteed. XTC Polaris Ranger XP 1000 (with Factory Ride Command) Ats-POL-RCBU turn signal system and horn Works with: 2018+ and 2019+ Polaris Ranger Polaris General (suitable for crew and 4-seater models). Does not work with the Ranger 900 or 570 which have a 3-pin connector under the bed that leads to the taillights. These may work, but give us a call and we can help you decide if you want to do it. Depending on where you live, you may just need to add mirrors and turn signals to your mid-size Polaris Ranger to make it legal on the road. If you`re looking for a mirror set, we recommend visiting atTEK`s mid-size Polaris Ranger Elite Series 1 UTV Trifecta Pack. This set of road-approved mirrors includes two Elite side mirrors and one Elite rear-view mirror. And if you`re looking for a good turn signal kit, take a look at XTC Power Products` Polaris Ranger Universal Basic Plug and Play turn signal system.

Everything you need to make your mid-size Polaris Ranger legal on the road is here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Most states and counties have specific “UTV” classifications into which the medium-sized ranger falls. For those who ride in Canada, wearing a helmet is mandatory, and for people in Europe or CANZUK countries, the laws differ on this subject. For U.S.-based drivers, the Department of Transportation acts as the supreme governing body at the federal level, and the use of things like DOT-approved windshields as well as other DOT-approved accessories can be enforced. Whatever the rules, where you drive, we have the solutions. Whether it`s a license plate holder to mount your shiny new license plate in the legal location, or other road legal requirements such as brake lights, mirrors, and turn signals, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we`ve got what it takes to make your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size legal on the road.